We Help Business Owners Get More Control Over Theit BusinessesTo gain more traction with your business doesn’t mean endless rigid processes – it simply means
implementing some practican and proven strategies. It isn’t hard, most owners simply don’t have access to a clear strategy.A Gap Exists Between Accountants and Business LeadersThis has created a gap in the financial management of small to midsize
businesses. The accountant knows they could do more to support a
business. But the business leader doesn’t understand how and where an
accounting firm could be a cost-effective solution.Business Leaders Don’t Have the Financial Management Guidance They NeedThe end result of this gap between business leaders and their accountants is
that SMB’s don’t have the financial guidance and support they need to grow
and often fail because of it.The Gap Is Now Defined and ClearAfter years of investigation and the past year of testing, the gap issue has been
defined and can now be resolved by accounting firms. It is proven and clear
that accounting firms can charge SMB’s thousands of dollars each month
where the business owners are comfortable to pay these fees because they
can see that they are receiving services that help grow and protect their
businesses.Advisory Type Services Can Now Be Made Easy, Profitable and ScalableAccountants know that the traditional “Advisory Service Model” is hard, near
impossible to scale and often difficult for the business leaders to appreciate.
Better Execute exists to provide accountants an easier and more valued way
to provide monthly services to SMB’s.

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As a Business Owner, which of these frustrations are holding you and your company back the most?

Feel like you’re stuck being the ‘product’ of your company with less free time with each new employee added? 

Do you struggle delegating your busy work, getting others to be accountable for the tasks and elevating your activities to more valuable and strategic items?

Your company struggles to focus on accomplishing strategic and compelling short and longer term goals.

There is a feeling of reactivity and overwhelm trying to deal with ad hoc fires.  

Your management meetings seem less than productive.

There is insufficient accountability amongst the team and tackling key issues the company is facing doesn’t get enough focus or follow up.

You don’t have a clear scorecard that shows how the company is performing today that will forecast where cashflow will be in two months.

This makes it very difficult to fix problems today that will impact financial results by the end of the month.

You feel like you are flying fairly blind and having to guess where money will be at the end of the month, quarter and year.

The mental crystal ball of business owners is typically fairly foggy with tax and other intermittent costs often being overlooked in seat-of-the-pants calculations.

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Hi, I’m Michael Urness.

I focus on a common gap in experience most business owners have between knowing how they want their company to run and it actually getting it to run that way. In today’s information era, learning good ideas for how to better manage your business is easy. Successfully implementing those ideas is a different skill set.

Before focusing on helping business owners get more control over their companies, I had been an angel investor and involved in selling two companies to Fortune 100 companies in the US – Fidelity Investments and Textron. As an advisor, analyst, director or angel investor to over 200 companies ranging from small startups to Microsoft, IBM and the United States Postal Service, it’s fair to say I now have a decent amount of experience growing successful businesses.

Through the years, I’ve passionately worked as a change leader, helping early adopters of new technologies and services gain traction across many industries. This started in the manufacturing space with Pressure Assisted Plastic Injection Moulding in 1994. From there, I helped educate the business market on the value of Email Marketing in the mid 90’s, progressing to help businesses understand the value of colocation data centres and Software as a Service as they emerged as technology strategies in the early 2000’s. In 2008 it was helping the electronic medical records market gain traction. In 2010 I began working with and promoting early Business Intelligence reporting tools and the use of Unified Modelling Language and Object Orientated design.

Currently I am dedicated to helping business leaders better execute on proven management strategies and disciplines. Having been a leader of companies with up to 75 employees, I know firsthand the importance of strong financial management disciplines and accurate data. I’ve learned through experience there is a big difference between learning about proven business practices and getting it instilled into a company’s culture.

Every business owner brings their unique attributes to their company. That unique mixture of skills, personality and values needs a certain environment to develop. Implementing smart management strategies supports that environment. It doesn’t mean stripping out what makes business fun by implementing a series of rigid cookie cutter processes.
Improving how a company works requires a number of different skills and disciplines. What I typically bring to the table is an efficiency for getting things done and a decent level of empathy for the people involved in the improvement process. For me, it is a very rewarding area to focus my career on.

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Mike enjoys helping accounting leaders troubleshoot the issues they encounter when trying to implement more Advisory Services into their practices. In this 60-minute session Mike will answer any questions accountants may have about providing and/or scaling
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