From $29 to $41 million in revenue in 12 Months



Alvin Rowland, CEO of Moddex, had grown a sizeable manufacturing company with 65 employees and $29 million in revenue. However, he felt he was hitting the ceiling with his current management strategies and asked Better Execute to identify opportunities for improvement. He could feel he wasn’t as clear as he wanted to be on identifying the best path forward for his company and team but he couldn’t put his finger on how to make it better.

The Process:

At Better Execute, the first step of the process is to understand your business and your specific needs. In Moddex’s case, it was initially creating clarity around their short and mid-term goals.

This heightened focus and detail allowed us to identify the weak links in the company’s current staff, processes and technology, and the actions required to accomplish some fairly audacious goals. The top issues were identified and, over six months, efforts were made both by Moddex and Better Execute to remedy these problems.

The Results:

Alvin and the entire Moddex team have done amazing work in overcoming the challenges Better Execute highlighted in their business structure. Annual revenue has increased by 71 percent with no signs of slowing its growth rate. Equally as importantly, Alvin now feels more mentally clear with more control over the company’s direction than ever before.

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