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Leora Rothschild founded Rothschild Safaris over 20 years ago by renting a desk at a local travel agent’s office. Fast forward to today and she has offices on three continents and has been voted the #1 Safari Tour Operator in the World multiple times. Although she loves her company’s mission and working with high-end travellers around the world, she was feeling exhausted by the complexities of a large staff and an ever-changing travel landscape. Better Execute stepped in to see if it could offer Leora some business advice to identify a more sustainable job description – something that would be compelling for years to come.

Business Advice

The Process:

Better Execute began by understanding what aspects of running her multi-million dollar travel company she enjoyed and what was utterly uninspiring. After clarifying a compelling job description, Better Execute provided business advice to restructure the rest of the company to best support its newly-defined CEO position. This resulted in a number of changes to various roles, generating increased responsibilities for several of her direct reports. The company’s weekly scorecard was updated to clearly monitor the performance of critical success factors (such as customer reviews), further ensuring the new company structure was performing as required.

The Results:

Leora is happy to report that, with Better Execute’s expert business advice, the quality of both her job description and work/life balance is in a better place today than ever before. There will always be some challenges and strategic projects that arise, but the day-by-day balance is noticeable and greatly appreciated. Additionally, the company is running more profitably in its new structure than it had when Leora felt she was doing ten different jobs.

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