From Burnt-Out Business Owner to Red-Hot Leader in 3 Months



Sally Desch is the founder and CEO of HRM – a 50-person recruiting and HR services company. Although she had developed and run an award-winning organisation over a span of 15 years, Sally was feeling burnt out and tired. She reached out to Better Execute for some guidance and to better understand her options.

The Process:

Better Execute initially analysed the business and helped Sally identify her core issues and concerns. It became clear that while she loved the industry she worked in and was a big believer in the value of the services she was providing, she felt exhausted trying to fill in the gaps her employees were creating through a lack of accountability. 

Better Execute worked with Sally to optimise the structure of the business before helping her clearly define the roles and responsibilities for each of the positions within the company. Finally, Better Execute worked directly with Sally’s team to articulate the newly-clarified direction of the company, their individual responsibilities and KPIs.

The Results:

After three months of troubleshooting, restructuring and engaging with the entire team, Sally is feeling re-energised and looks forward to growing HRM to an entirely new level. Everyone needs to see a compelling future in order to feel inspired.

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