From Reactive to Proactive Company Management in Under 3 Months

The Process:

Bendpro has an effective board that helped the company gain clarity on their one- and three-year goals.  Better Execute identified a need to better unpackage the one-year goals into a set of quarterly projects (or rocks). These would help the management team focus on the best initiatives to work on each quarter to achieve the year-end goal.  Additionally, Better Execute helped the management team define their roles and responsibilities so that Allen could become more free to focus on strategic activities such as customer interactions. Finally, Better Execute facilitated week-over-week management meetings to help monitor the team’s performance.

Business Goals

The Results:

Allen feels he has moved from reacting to the company’s needs in the moment to a more proactive manager with greater clarity and focus. The management team stepped up with their higher level of clarity on what they are most accountable for and how they can better support Allen with day-to-day operations.